100% recycled PVC-U, easy-to-install component designed to save time, money – and the environment.


Designed with sustainability in mind, our cavity closer is manufactured entirely from recycled material and incorporates an insulation core to enhance thermal efficiency. This pre-installed polystyrene core also saves time on site, since no additional insulation is required.


The unique clip-together system requires no specialist tools or adhesives for assembly, and creates an effective damp-proof barrier that offers consistent performance, every time. The cavity closer provides a rigid template for brick and block work and facilitates straightforward, rapid window installation.

Our PVC-U cavity closers are the simplest, most effective components for sealing cavities around openings in masonry walls. They are an essential component for any new-build project – large or small – helping to optimise time spent on site and boost the productivity of installation teams.



The cavity closer allows pre-glazed windows to be fitted very quickly, using our quick-fit spring-clip system – optimising time on site and improving productivity for installers.


Further Benefits Include :
* Available in sizes to fit 50mm and 300mm cavities.

* Manufactured from 100% recycled PVC-U.

* FlameBlok system independently tested fire protection for up to 90 minutes.

* Pre-installed insulation core to help meet Building Regulations Part L.

* Clip-together system requires only a screwdriver for installation.

* Minimal thermal resistance path through the closer of 0.45m²KW.

* Close fit with no gaps to prevent cold-bridging, condensation and mould growth.

* Improved PVC-U brick-tie design to prevent corrosion.

* Windows can be fitted from inside or outside the building – for compliance with working at height guidelines.

* Optional ventilated head section avoids need to rout through the window frame or sash.