Climacontrol glass for year round comfort



Further Benefits Include :

* Reflects up to 78% of the heat from the sun with temperatures up to 9°C cooler in summer.

* Up to 63% better insulation than standard glass

* Reduced energy bills. 

* Significant glare reduction from the sun. 

* Permanent self-cleaning capability

* Virtual elimination of internal condensation

* Reduced noise from the rain and other environmental factors, compared with polycarbonate. 

* Better protection from the bleaching effects of UV light from the sun, compared with polycarbonate. 

* Stays clean, mould-free and looking outstanding for the lifetime of the conservatory, especially when compared with polycarbonate. 


Traditional conservatories offer standard roof glass which provides protection from the elements and the preferable aesthetics of glass over polycarbonate. The ClimaControl™ range of products offers even more: both roof AND side wall glass products which help to keep the conservatory significantly cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


The range incorporates three different options for the roof including ClimaControl aqua – the highest performing, flagship product, and ClimaControl vertical – a clear sidewall product with outstanding performance and clarity.



heatrefection.gif Heat reflection: Reflects up to 78% of the sun’s heat, keeping the conservatory up to 9°C cooler in the summer.
thermalinsulation.jpg Thermal insulation (W/m²k): 63% better insulation than standard glass, keeping you warmer in winter and saving you money on your heating bills.
glarereduction.gif Glare reduction (%): Reduces up to 68% of the sun’s glare, maximising visual comfort on the brightest of days. Like sunglasses for your roof!
selfcleaning.gif Permanent self-cleaning: Permanent self-cleaning coating that reduces the need for manual cleaning, and also prevents water droplets from forming, which means clear views –even when it’s raining.
Virtual elimination of condensation: Internal condensation will only being to form at an average external temperature of -11°C (in timber / PVCu frames at an internal temperature of 20°C and 50% relative humidity)