Balustrades and Architectural Railing Systems



Glass Channel System is a new concept for glass railing. The seamless design is supported by a solid channel which can be floor fixed or side fixed, and does away with posts between the glass panels, but still has the options of handrails which provide extra structural integrity.



Cable Balustrade Systems were originally designed for the naval field but in recent years have become very popular in many architectural and modern structures, due to their contemporary looks and their ease of assembly.


Our wide range of balustrades and architectural railing systems incorporating various infills, are designed for both interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial projects. Featuring all stainless steel components to provide structural integrity and longevity, in addition to beauty and innovation, which further enhances any environment. This combined with ease of installation, gives outstanding value for money,


Glass Balustrade System offers the versatility in components to suit almost every application and the flexibility to create the perfect balustrade solutions. Suiting a wide range of monolithic and laminated toughened glazing, and with various top handrails posts, and stand off bracket options.



Frameless Post System is designed to provide an attractive, maintenance free glass wall, without vertical posts between the panels of glass. As a cost effective alternative to the channel system, it gives virtually unobstructed views through the screen.